Welcome to the Baruni Couture collection, created by Fadwa Baruni, whose influences are drawn from the structured world of engineering, her professional career in Europe and her North African heritage.

Trained at Edinburgh College of Art and the Indian master-tailoring Pearl Design Centre, Fadwa combines strong fashion sensibilities with her earlier training in engineering to design a collection that displays sophisticated, clean lines and sharp tailoring, all constructed for ease and fit.

It was during her career as a petroleum engineer in Edinburgh that Fadwa realised fashion houses did not cater to the professional woman who requires a wardrobe that can take her from the office to an evening event, with just the addition of some glitzy accessories. She thus channelled her frustration into her passion for dress design and Baruni Couture was born.

As with all designers there are a number of key influences which impact Fadwa’s  work. Contemporary culture has a strong bearing on her designs but her family heritage going back to a leading family in Tripolitania in the early 20th century also has a strong bearing on her style.

When she designed her first Baruni collection, she knew that staying within a black and white palette would allow the wearer to appear smart and stylish in professional settings, without deflecting attention from what she was saying to what she was wearing

In subsequent collections, she has paid tribute to the rich heritage of the North African coast, by imbuing her outfits with the warm and sensuous hues of the Mediterranean through strong colours - fuchsia, lemon and lime.

The Baruni Couture collection is designed for the woman who enjoys a full life and who requires a wardrobe to suit, whether relaxing at home with the family, making presentations at the office or partying with friends till dawn.